Filter type full-face gas mask
Canister and filter cartridge
Gas-guide tube series
Safety helmet
Fire-fighting escape mask
Air supply type respirator
Chemical resistance glasses
Filter type half-face gas mask
Anti-dust respirator, filter p
Activated carbon
Protective clothing
Wind type dust gas half mask
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Corporate culture

    Construct and form an enterprise culture system and enterprise culture construction mechanism through the building of enterprise culture and make Shuangqiu become a learning enterprise of which the overall strength is strong, the economy continuously develops, the benefit improves year by year, the staff quality and their standard of living increase substantially, the internal and external environment is clean and beautiful and the culture and civilization atmosphere is strong.
Safety philosophy: People oriented, safety first
Quality philosophy: Pursuing excellent services and first-class products
Enterprise goal: Striving for industry-leading position and creating famous brand in China
Development philosophy: Not pursuing for being the largest enterprise, but pursuing for being the strongest enterprise
Enterprise attitude: Being vigorous and resolute, practical and pragmatic
Core values of enterprise: Harmony, care, honesty and excellence
Enterprise spirit: Being united, diligent, realistic and innovative.